My Supernatural Reviews

Why oh why have another review?  Well frankly, because so many are nitpicky pain-in-the-ass irritating.  Oh, I said that out loud?  Well, let me first lead off by saying if you, like me, like critical but non-nitpicky reviews, here
are my favorite authors:

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SPN 12.01 “Keep Calm and Carry On”

Note: This is my first official review for my new-ish blog.  I expect to fumble a bit with the format. I’m not a professional reviewer and no one is ever going to pay me for this blog.

Bottom Line Upfront: Excellent start with a vastly different pace than S11.  

Initial impressions: 

Samantha Smith is an EXCELLENT add to the show.  She was perfect IMO as Mary.  So much was expressed in her body language and facials.  I will be watching Dean and her multiple times this week.  Highlights for me:
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