My Supernatural Reviews

Why oh why have another review?  Well frankly, because so many are nitpicky pain-in-the-ass irritating.  Oh, I said that out loud?  Well, let me first lead off by saying if you, like me, like critical but non-nitpicky reviews, here
are my favorite authors:

Read more:

SweetOnDean:  She posts her thoughts along with a thinky-thoughts post by Anna.  Always a delight.

FangasmSPN:  Dr. Lynn S. Zubernis, author of multiple SPN Fandom books, always provides insights I enjoy.

FarAwayEyes Reviews at  There are multiple reviews on this site but I find Allisons to be the most enjoyable and thought-provoking.

If you want my opinion, my reviews are essentially what I post at PreviouslyTV – the unofficial haven for Television Without Pity people.  Now PTV forums still have a lot of negativity and so posting there or seeing my opinion there may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  So, I’m semi cross-posting here to share my thoughts without people having to slog through the whole forum.

Final note: It’s my blog.  My rules.  If anyone actually reads this and actually posts a comment (probability is slim to none), I expect you to be civil. I’ll be taking no money (as IF someone would pay!) for this site so if you see an ad, that didn’t come from me. Plenty of sites to bash characters or sell your on-line business.  Not here please.


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